Should CPS take overweight kids away from their parents?

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PHOENIX - A new report is creating quite a stir about child obesity. A couple of Harvard researchers found 32 percent of U.S. children ages 2 to 19 are overweight or obese and because of that they want state protective services like CPS in Arizona to step in and take extremely obese kids away from their parents.

Jori Mason has two boys that she keeps pretty active on a regular basis.

“If you bring them out here to the pool and you allow them to swim they’re getting exercise, they go outside and play they’re getting exercise, they’re not just sitting around,” she said.

The idea behind this drastic measure is to put the kids with foster parents who would help them shed the weight.

“It’s going to be fatal,” said Dr. Don Wilson at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “These kids are going to have a much shorter life span than their parents.”

High school teacher Marcial Perucho sees, on a regular basis, how overweight kids are getting.

“I do see it, even kids I don’t have in my classroom, you still see it," Perucho said. "Physical activity, 60 minutes a day, is not too much to ask.”

Wilson said there are easy ways to keep the weight off kids and many of them are free, like going to a park or just taking a walk. He also recommended eating healthier. Cheap healthy food is out there, he said, but the trick is to change the whole family's diet, don't just single out the one child.