Questions loom over Tucson Hazmat situation

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson police are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what a midtown man was doing with so many hazardous chemicals inside his house.

He's in the hospital suffering from serious chemical burns as FBI investigators from the east coast decend on the home.

Day 2 of a hazmat situation began with uncertainty as to what Tucson fire and the Tucson police were dealing with inside this home near Tucson Boulevard and Adams

"From what we understand there are a lot of chemicals inside there," said Sgt. Diana Lopez from the Tucson Police Department.

Chemicals that when combined can cause a fire just like the one that landed the man living there inside a hospital in Phoenix.

Tucson police are now trying to figure out what the man was doing with the hazardous material inside his house.

"Probably at the conclusion of this we'll have a better sense of what was possibly what caused the fire what caused his burns and what exactly was going on," said Lopez.

FBI agents are already on the scene, but Tucson police are awaiting the arrival of chemist with the agency to determine what all the chemicals are and what potential they could possibly have.

"Just depending on what we find in there, what kind of combination of chemicals youre looking at we'll determine what type of charges," said Lopez.

Right now, only the house next door is evacuated. Tucson fire hazmat crew has removed nearly 99% of the chemicals from the home and are in the process of ventilating it to prevent another fire or something worse.

"If we come across anything that we are concerned with or is unsafe we'll of course evacuate more houses but as of right now its just the one house next door and many of the neighbors are leaving to work," said Lopez.

Tucson police tell us they wont be able to determine what the man was doing with all these chemicals until sometime later this week.

For now, surrounding intersections of Sawtelle Avenue and Lee Street are closed along with portions of Adam Street near Sawtelle Avenue.