Retailers seek coupon revenge

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PHOENIX - Some stores are getting back at consumers who reportedly abuse the coupon system.

You've heard the crazy stories before and you may have even seen the shoppers on Extreme Couponing. A shopper goes into a store and buys $100 worth of items and winds up getting them free because of their coupon strategy. Well now, retailers are fighting back.

Walgreen's is just one of the retailers cracking down on coupon abusers. In fact, Walgreen's is going after bar-code violators. That's when consumers use coupons on products they're not intended for. As a result, Walgreen's is adopting a new type of bar-code that will prevent the fraudulent act.

Target is also getting in on the action and has adopted a new "Buy One Get One" policy. Where "Buy One Get One" coupons cannot be combined so both items are free. You must, as the coupon states, buy one to get one free.

Before hand, consumers were stacking, not only Target coupons, but also manufacturer coupons allowing you to get both items for free.

Rite Aid is another retailer tired of the coupon frenzy. The drug store is also adopting a new "Buy One Get One" policy. Rite Aid went a step further by limiting the number of coupons to four per item.

And if you're from the southeast part of the country, you need to know Publix is cutting back by limiting the number of coupons you can use on an item.

Couponing can save you money and sometimes it can be kind of fun, but now that these retailers are taking a stance, you can probably expect other retailers to follow suit very soon.