Fan falling from stands a hoax?

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PHOENIX - When Prince Fielder connected for his 9th home run during the MLB Home Run Derby on Monday night, he sent the ball smashing into the ground next to the outfield pool in Chase Field.

But, it’s what happened to a fan in the stands during that 420 foot home run that has people still talking.

If you watch the video of the shot in slow motion, you can see a group of people holding a guy as he falls over the railing. The guy was Kingman resident Keith Carmickle. A group of family, friends and fans pulled him to safety.

Jen and Bryan Estvanko were sitting right next to the guy when it all went down.

"It was crazy!" said Jen Estvanko. "I don’t know how they caught him, because he wasn’t a little guy either. So, I was surprised they were able to pull him back."

Pictures taken right before the incident show Carmickle standing on a table next to the railing waiting for a home run ball to come his way. Pictures snapped during the affair show him dangling down the wall.

According to Estvanko, Carmickle was talking about the tragedy in Texas just before he fell. During that tragedy, a father fell from the stands at a Texas Rangers game and did not survive.

Estvanko said, for some reason, Carmickle and friends were laughing about the horrible accident.

"Earlier in the game they were joking, saying are you sure you want to catch that ball, you could fall over the railing?" she said.

Now that the video has gone viral and people are starting to question why this happened:

Why was he standing on the table barefooted?

Why does he start to fall long before the ball ever gets into frame?

Why is he even going for a ball that’s about 30 feet away?

Why were they reportedly laughing about falling out of the stands just minutes before actually falling?

Most witnesses who spoke with 3TV said it had something to do with the amount of alcoholic beverages Carmickle was drinking during the Home Run Derby.

"They had quite a bit to drink," said Bryan Estvanko, referring to the large amount of empty beer cups that can be seen in the pictures. "They were having a good time."