Governor sets Pearce recall for November

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PHOENIX - State Senate President Russell Pearce will become the first Arizona legislator to face a recall election.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is calling a Nov. 8 recall election for Pearce, known nationally for sponsoring legislation against illegal immigration.

Brewer's action late Tuesday was expected because elections officials certified last week that opponents of Pearce had collected enough signatures to force the recall election.

Recall organizers believe a member of Pearce's own party will run against him.

"I think it'll be a conservative, possibly a member of the LDS church from Mesa. Now that Governor Brewer has called for the election, it'll probably be just a few days before we know who will run," said organizer Chad Snow.

Pearce released a statement Tuesday night, his first since the recall was certified:

"I intend to remain in office. Additionally, my legal team has not yet completed its analysis of the certification process undertaken by the County Recorder and the Secretary of State. Arizona law allows me until July 18 to make a legal challenge."

"In the weeks and months ahead, I will campaign actively to promote and defend my long record of promoting economic recovery, job creation, balanced budgets, law enforcement and secure borders. These are the issues that my constituents believe in and why they have voted 16 times to send me to the legislature," said Pearce.