First ever All Star FanFest wedding goes off without hitch!

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GLENDALE – He's a Cleveland Indians fan. She’s a fan of the Texas Rangers. Joe Curiale and Dolly West are a baseball lovin’ couple whose entire courtship has been about traveling to different baseball stadiums to catch a good game.

With their kind of love for the game, it was a must they would submit a video in an online contest put on by Major League Baseball.

It was the first of its kind, a chance to win an all expenses paid wedding at the All Star Fan Fest!

The couple’s wedding happened Tuesday before family members as well as thousands of onlookers attending the last day of the All-Star Fan Fest.

The immaculate wedding took place on a mock baseball diamond located in the center of the Phoenix Convention Center.

The Diamondbacks Juston Upton made an appearance to congratulate the couple. FanFest-goers stopped in their tracks for the 30-minute ceremony as the bride and grooms exchanged “baseball-referenced” vows.

The wedding’s theme was all baseball: The two were married on the pitcher’s mound framed by two giant baseball bats topped with 32-inch black and red carnations designed to look like giant baseballs.

The wedding favors were bags of Cracker Jacks. The guestbook, was instead, fancy baseballs that were signed by all in attendance.

Family members watched in the “stands” inside of the baseball diamond, as the public gazed in amazement.

After the couple was pronounced man and wife, the only fitting way to congratulate them was to, of course, in a traditional baseball-style wave.