Pearce recall effort moving forward

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Critics of State Senate President Russell Pearce Monday issued a new call for his resignation.

The signatures to trigger a recall election were confirmed on Friday and Monday, members of a group who wants him out of office tried to go to his office to hand deliver a letter, calling for him to step down.

Pearce wasn't there, but a senate page accepted the letter and agreed to deliver it.

"We think he's driving our state off a cliff he's too extreme for Arizona so our goal is to remove him from office and to keep him from doing further damage to our states economy and our reputation and if we can do that by getting him to resign we've achieved our goal a little bit easier," said Chad Snow from the Citizens for a Better Arizona.

Pearce has five days to resign to avoid the recall election, that is expected on November 8.

The Mesa Republican has repeatedly said he won't resign.