Tucson community action garden

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Volunteers exercised their green thumbs to enhance a west side community, but the gardening event also provided a turn around for troubled teens.

"We're planting winter squash right now, so that it'll come on, it'll be growing, we'll have nice big pumpkins and things like that," said Scout Phillips from the Southwest Conservation Corps.

Fruits and vegetables will soon be springing up from the garden plot in the El Rio neighborhood.

The Southwest Conservation Corps has been working the soil since January.

And they've made a lot of progress thanks to a special group of teens.

"Our idea is that if we help them they can help themselves," said Mike Vogt from the Southwest Conservation Corps.

The United Way brought young volunteers to give them a little guidance.  David Campbell is fulfilling a probation requirement, but enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor.

"Feels better, what I'm doing now.  Not doing bad stuff anymore, just helping the community and stuff," said Campbell.

They learn skills they communicate with the people they're dealing with they realize there is worth in what they do.

"Once it's a real nice garden and things are growing it's going to be better for a lot of people I bet," said Vogt.

Zander Stagg, 15, is lending a hand, with encouragement from his school principal.

He's learning useful skills and creating something great from the ground up.

"You directly affect you know what ever you're doing, you set it up with your hands and you built it so yeah that's kind of cool just knowing you really did it yourself," said Stagg.

They're planting the seeds for their future and growing a healthy and beautiful community.