Glendale couple finally reimbursed for stolen truck

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PHOENIX – Martin Auzenne and his wife Aminta feel hopeless. "We've tried just about everything and we are just waiting," Martin tells 3 On Your Side.

They bought a 2002 F-150 5 years ago from a Valley car lot and even paid the truck off.

Recently the Glendale couple was contacted by the State Auto Theft Task Force telling them the truck they had been driving around all those years was a stolen vehicle and seized it.

At the time Martin told us, "They informed me that my truck was stolen and I need to pull all of my possessions out of it and have someone pick me up."

The truck, valued at less than $5,000 when it was taken by police would never be seen by Martin and Aminta again, so they filed a claim with their insurance company to pay for the loss of their truck.

Their insurance company denied the claim saying they weren't responsible for paying.

The owner of the car lot turned the matter over to his insurance company, but they said they weren't responsible either.

3 On Your Side even turned to the Department of Motor Vehicles for failing to realize it was stolen all those years but the agency also said it was not responsible and would not pay.

Tired of hearing everyone, including insurance companies dodge the issue, 3 On Your Side took another approach.

We went back to the owner of the car lot to see if he would pay for the current value of the truck out of his own pocket. After weeks of discussion, he agreed.

The owner handed over a check for $3,900, the current value of the truck and said he felt badly and was willing to pay because everyone, including his car lot, never realized the truck was "hot."

With that check in hand, I took it to Martin and Aminta who were glad to see money they say they never would have gotten with my help.

Aminta says, "We are very, very grateful. You are a Godsend.  We really appreciate all the help, time communication. I can't tell you how fortunate it is to have your help."

You might be saying to yourself that the car lot's owner should have stepped up and paid but that's not necessarily the case because he was kind of a victim, too. That's how good car thieves are these days.

As for Martin and Aminta, they're using the check as a down payment for a new truck.