Northwest Fire urges residents to be water wise during monsoon

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Turn around, don't drown. That's the message from the Northwest Fire District, whose firefighters recently saved someone who got too close to swift flood waters.

"We have throw bags which basically can be deployed to the victim," said Captain Adam Goldberg from the Northwest Fire Department.

Captain Adam Goldberg explains how the Northwest Fire District is gearing up for a dangerous monsoon.

"Kids and people should not be hiking through washes because it's not a gradual filling of the wash, there's a surge and it's been described many times as wall of water that just comes down," said Goldberg.

Firefighters have buoyant ropes that can be thrown out to a victim swept up in flood waters.

Once firefighters connect with a victim, they give them a vest in case the victim lets go of the rope.

Wet suits, helmets, life boats, are all part of the technical rescue gear.

"It's not only the plan that's in place but it's two or three plans ahead of the game in the event the scenario changes, the water increases," said Goldberg.

They have the equipment and the know-how, but firefighters are urging people to be water-wise to prevent a life-threatening situation.

"It puts not only a victim at risk when they're in flowing water but firefighters at risk to try and get somebody out of the water," said Goldberg.

Firefighters also say that driving through flooded streets can lead to a dangerous situation, especially if your vehicle stalls.