Pet of the Day - Yogi

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#696020 – 6 Years Old – Labrador Retriever Mix – Male

Poor Yogi can’t tell us what he’s experienced in the past, but he’s doing everything he can to show how much he wants to be somebody’s best friend. Found as a tired and lonely stray, Yogi was eventually adopted from the Humane Society but then returned within a few days for being a little too interested in the cat. Apparently Yogi thought chase-the-kitty was a great game but his feline sibling thought otherwise! Now this endearing old gentleman needs another chance after, once again, waiting for many, many weeks to catch someone’s eye and heart. Yogi suffers from mild arthritis and would benefit from some weight loss. But it’s nothing a little moderate exercise, regular vet care and tough love can’t fix! After food, Yogi’s favorite thing in the whole world is a good back scratch. Both of his legs will kick wildly when you itch along his spine - resulting in a funny tap dance, a huge grin and grunts of sheer joy. Why not offer this boy a reason to smile today? Yogi has been waiting since May to meet you and is eager to offer up his unconditional love and loyalty to the right lucky person.