Monsoon damage leaves thousands in Tucson without power

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Yesterday's monsoon left wide spread damage all over Pima County.  Wednesday thousands were without power and TEP was trying to clean up the mess.

"We lost our power at 4:10 and this storm came back about 4:30 and totally tore off your roof.  It blew off, watching the piece fly off," said garage owner Bud Hammack.

Bud Hammack has owned Bud's Garage on the south side near Palo Verde and Benson Hwy for 45 years. Wednesday the roof is half gone and there's no power.

Nothing this severe has every happened to bud.

"No power and everything runs on power so it pretty much puts you out of business," said Joseph Barrios from TEP.

Just across the street Tucson Electric Power is fixing Bud's problem along with others in this area.

Tuesday night's storm snapped a power pole in half causing Tucson Power to replace it with a metal one.

But this wasn't the only part hit hard.

"It stretched from Vail into central Tucson, north to Marana," said Barrios.

TEP crews spent the day trying to restore service to the 27,000 customers left without power last night.

And even though the storm cost bud about a day's work, he'll take that result over what could have happened.

"The first thing I thought was no one's getting hurt.  There was no one working in the back of the shop at all, that was the good part of it," said Hammack.

TEP also tells us they spend a significant amount of time trimming trees around Tucson to keep them away from power lines during future monsoon storms.