Tucson headlines: Car jacking, House fire

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- An attempted car jacking Wednesday evening, on the east side, in the parking lot of Walmart.

Police tell us the victim fought back when two suspected gunmen shot at him then left in a grey sedan.

Once it was reporter, the store was put on lockdown.

"First thing we got out there and there was like 13 squad cars and the fire truck.  An ambulance just went that way about 10 minutes ago, and we were just over here curious about that car.  Apparently there is a gunshot hole in window," said James Fredrick.

The victim was not hurt and walmart opened back up within an hour of the incident.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- A family left their home Wednesday morning and came back to a burned shell.

The fire at an east side house started from a candle left burning.  The mom has four children between 5 and 11-years old, none of them were home when the fire started.

A neighbor called 911.

"This family is extremely lucky, because when we went inside we did not hear any smoke alarm sounding. the smoke alarm is what is going to wake you up when you're sleeping at night. so we just feel very fortuante that there were no injuries or deaths," said Captain Trish Tracy from the Tucson Fire Department.

The family's two dogs surivived the fire by hiding in the backyard.

Damages estimated at $200,000. Red Cross has taken the family in.