Freedom Fest in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Hundreds of residents kicked off the patriotic weekend with an outdoors concert near the Kino Sports complex.

The 2011 Freedom Fest featured many attractions and a long line up of country music stars.

Local artist, Neil Russell kicked off this year's festival.  He wants people to feel a connection to his music.

"Being able to relate to the song being able to convey that to the average person saying ok yes I can relate to it this way or that way," said Country music artist Neil Russell.

Great tunes, grilling, and chilling are all good reasons to love the Fourth.

"Just seemed like fun, something to do," said patron Kimberly Johnson.

For Kimberly Johson, Independence Day equals family time.

"To be surrounded by the people who are your loved ones and really to be proud of where we're from," said Johnson.

Wendy Turner expects this July the 4th will be a special one.  That's when her daughter returns from the army.

"I don't get to see her until Monday but I am proud, proud of our troops," said Turner

For some, the three day weekend is about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

"It's the freedom that we're allowed to just come, hang out, and drink our beer," said patron Bill Cline.

America embodies many fine qualities, just take it from a country singer, grateful for this land of opportunity.

"Not many people get the opportunity to do something like this.  And it brings back the point that anybody if they follow their dreams can achieve it," said Russell.

The Freedom Fest wraped up Saturday night with a fireworks display.