PAG asks to keep storm water clean

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- We've been crossing our fingers for rain now for weeks, to give us some sort of relief from this triple digit heat.

Now that the monsoon is here, there are several things residents need to be aware of to make sure the rains we've been waiting for don't pollute our environment.

"Clean Water Starts with Me, and we run it every monsoon season from July to September," said Senior Watershed Planner Mead Mier.

The Pima Association of Governments wants to make sure folks are prepared for the rain.

"our goal is to protect water quality and our fragile desert washes down stream," said Mier.

When dry streets turn into briskly flowing streams, the rainwater runs across land and takes any pollutants in its way with it.

Any material left on sidewalks, in yards or driveways could make its way into storm water retention basins where children like to play.

But this type of pollution can be prevented.

"Intuitive things like picking up after your dog or fixing leaky vehicles or even using yard chemicals sparingly," said Mier.

The biggest problem PAG has dealt with is traces of dog feces being found in washes.

So cleaning up after your pups is more important than ever.

This monsoon PAG will be pushing rainwater harvesting more than ever. You may not know what it is, but it's likely you've seen it around town.

It's just another way to improve storm water quality by reducing flood flows and keeping harmful pollutants in the yard, not in your water.