Dust storm of a lifetime

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PHOENIX -- Some Valley residents call Tuesday night's storm the duststorm of a lifetime.  It was a pretty impressive storm. 

The dust started when collapsing thunderstorms in Pima County sent outflows northeast into the desert.  Those outflow winds picked up dust and sand, pushing it at speeds of about 35 mph through Pinal County and eventually into Maricopa County and the Phoenix metro area. 

The wall of dust stretched approximately 4,000 to 5,000 feet into the sky, and was about 70 miles wide at one point. 

Winds on the ground peaked with gusts of more than 50 mph, which snapped trees and took down power poles. 

Drivers were forced to pull off the roadways as the thick dust brought visibility to near zero. 

Although the storm moved out by late in the evening, some remaining dust could still be seen in a hazy morning sky early Wednesday. 

Wednesday afternoon brings another chance of thunderstorms for Arizona, with about a 20-percent chance of more storms, including more blowing dust in the Valley.

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