Monsoon damage across Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- For a third straight day, monsoon storms rolled across Tucson.

Late afternoon the storm caused traffic problems, knocking out power and even leading to damaged buildings and some people getting hurt.

After the dark clouds roll in, the first sign we're in for a big storm is the strong winds.

Street signs and traffic signals sway back and forth.

And on 22nd street near Country Club a severed tree, blocks traffic.

Then comes the rain, pouring hard. As the water starts filling the streets officers work on blocking them off.

Those brave enough to drive through the deep flooded puddles risk stalling their cars and getting swept away.

On 22nd near 6th Avenue, a railroad crossing guard comes down, resting in one spot against power lines.

The storm brings down other power lines all across town, keeping tucson electric power busy. This is a look at Drexel and Campbell.

And the strong winds and rain wreak havoc on buildings as well, tearing off part of the room of this business east of Alvernon.

At one point, 25,000 customers across Tucson were without power.