Valley woman upset over botched permanent lipstick

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CHANDLER, Ariz. – There are very few things that make Jeannie Mai smile these days. She says, "You know, the lady face, it really important you know.”

In January, Jeannie went to Beautiface Skincare located in the Win Salon at the corner of Warner and Dobson in Chandler.

Jeannie paid $250 for a permanent lipstick. She specifically wanted a woman named Kimoanh Pham to do the procedure after seeing an advertisement in a Vietnamese paper.

Jeannie says, "I ask her, ‘are you sure you can do it’? She said, ‘of course’." Jeannie felt confident, after all, "I see some of the license on the wall."

But once the procedure was complete, "After I leave, my lips it swollen that big and still bleeding."

It turns out the licenses on the wall didn’t come from the Arizona Board of Cosmetology. There isn’t a state agency that oversees permanent cosmetics. Donna Aune is the executive director for the Arizona Board of Cosmetology.

"Although we don't have jurisdiction over permanent makeup or tattooing we would go out, if it was done in one of our licensed salons we would check for sanitation and safety."

Feeling desperate, Jeannie consulted with an attorney but the law firm decided not to take the case after finding out ‘Beautiface Skincare’ wasn’t insured.

Jeannie says, "It's not fair. She can walk out easy."

When a 3TV producer confronted Kimoanh, she had quite a different story regarding Jeannie. Kimoanh told us, "Before she come see me, her lip look like black color."

Kimoanh went on to say that she offered Jeannie $250 but Jeannie refused the refund. Kimoanh claims Jeannie went into a rant in front of the other salon customers. "That's why I tell her I refund money. She don't want it. She come here and yell, yells with my customers she's a bad girl. Yeah, she come here, she yell. I said ok, calm down, calm down. You talk with me when my customer go." When we asked her about her insurance, she admitted she didn’t have any.

Jeannie went to a dermatologist in hopes of fixing her lips. After five sessions, the dermatologist told her some improvement was made but the residual scars cannot be treated.

Jeannie feels hopeless and devastated. "Oh... just want to cry, you know.”

Beautiface Skincare has a B grade with the Better Business Bureau after getting a complaint from another consumer upset with her permanent eyebrows.

Last year, the BBB had 34 cosmetic sales complaints. So far this year, they’ve received nine.