Tucson neighborhood 4th tradition

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's one of the longest running Fourth of July traditions in Tucson. A small neighborhood in mid-town is celebrates the nation's birthday the only way they've known how for almost 50 years.

While budget cuts cause communities all over the country to slash fourth of July events, the Palo Verde neighborhood is going strong.

"We are the oldest neighborhood parade in Tucson," said parade organizer Sall Miller.

This is the 48th year the neighborhood just north of Speedway has been packing the street with red, white and blue patriotism

"A few women who got together and wanted to have something for the kids to celebrate on the fourth of july and they started the parade and it's continued ever since then," said Miller.

The residents don't skimp out on the celebration either.  Even their dogs get festive for the fourth.

Lee Brown and his family remember the past as they walk the parade.

"Its a great way to get out and meet the neighbors and see all the people along the way we don't know and its great," said Brown.  "We love America and there's no better place on earth."

It's just as fun for neighbors watching the parade go by.

"I hadn't had this much fun I was in the Air Force, I retired 20 years ago, this is great," said Miller.

As America celebrate's 235th birthday.  The Palo Verde neighborhood parade is almost 50 and like our country, is still going strong.

"I just think it's important that everybody have an opportunity to celebrate the Fourth of July and we're lucky enough to be able to do it," said Miller.

The neighborhood celebration kicked off in the morning with a pancake breakfast before the parade.

And then afterward, organizers gave away awards and prizes for some of the most creative parade entries.