Fireworks start car fire; Tucson families celebrate 4th at Reid Park

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Early Monday, fireworks caused some trouble near 22nd and Country Club. Tucson Fire confirms a car caught fire after fireworks went off inside a car.

The owners of the car say they weren't intentionally lit. They claim they happened to light up because of the way they were stored.

Families started their fourth of July celebrations pretty early this morning.

Some were out at Reid Park as early as 6 A.M. To secure that perfect picnic spot.

This 4th of July started out as a hot one.  But that didn't stop families from coming out to Grill.

Buns, brats and, yes, booze are just a few of the tasty things families cooked up together. They say that's the point of the holiday.

"Just getting together a bunch of friends and family."

Throw in a birthday cake for the red white and blue and the picturesque backdrop of Reid Park, and you've got a 4th of July holiday the kids will enjoy.

"They go watch the ducks."

If watching ducks isn't your thing, how bout a game of soccer on the lawn. A popular choice this fourth of July. Lots of families choosing to kick around the ball after their big holiday BBQ.

Others took a low key approach and sat by the water for some afternoon fishing.

Whatever they chose to do, families say it's important to remember why they're able to do what they do.

"Just trying to support our troops out there."