Preparing for A Mountain fireworks

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Arizona's raging wildfire season left many wondering whether or not they'd see fireworks this 4th of July.

A lot of rain wasn't going to stop crews from preparing the 15th annual "A" Mountain fireworks show.

"As a matter of fact the storm worked out really well because we needed to wet down the surrounding areas," said Tucson Fire Inspector Glen D'auria.

The Tucson Fire Department had planned to do that at around 7:30 Monday night just to stay safe, but it became unnecessary.

"It's been taken care of by nature so," said D'auria.

The downpour though did cause a little delay.  Crews had to turn the tubes the fireworks get shot out of upside down, to make sure they didn't get wet.

"There's paper surrounding the shots and if they get too much moisture in them, they don't blow off the same way they're designed to," said D'auria.

In all, 950 fireworks were set off from the mountain. Despite the harsh wildfire season, the total was not any different from previous years.