Monsoon lightning starts palm tree fire

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The sky started rumbling late Sunday night.

That storm lit up the sky with lightning, and while it may have been beautiful to watch, it all hit too close to home for one man who lives in midtown.

"Crack! And the whole house just shook," said homeowner Bob Favuzza.

Bob Favuzza was watching TV when lightning struck a palm tree in front of his house.

"And then when I looked out the back the whole neighborhood was just lit up I mean you could read a newspaper," said Favuzza.

The both palms in his yard caught fire, so Favuzza had to act quickly.

"I immediately picked up a garden hose which is no replacement for a firetruck hose but I did wet the doors down and the surrounding posts and every time a flame came down I put it out," said Favuzza.

Firefighters arrived shortly after to take over.

"This gentleman called 911, the lady on the other side of me called 911 immediately and when I called I got a busy signal," said Favuzza.

Monday Favuzza surveyed the damage. The lightning blast and the subsequent fire shattered his window, bubbled the paint, and melted parts of his car.

"When it hit the tree it also hit the antenna so it's knocked out just about all my TVs," said Favuzza.

All in all, Favuzza is counting his blessings.

"Extremely lucky that the wind was blowing in the right direction and we had that brief rain because if those two things hadn't been in place, it could have been disastrous, disastrous," said Favuzza.

Luckily Favuzza's house was practically unscathed and he was not injured.