First monsoon rain storm of the season

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PHOENIX -- Wind, dust and rain were part of the first monsoon storm of the season Sunday night.

After all of the heat and the bone-dry conditions, the rain was a welcome changes.

A good deal of lightning tore through the eastern sky.

Wind and blowing dust came up from the south at about 5 p.m. The first cell popped up in Fountain Hills and moved north and west from there.

The rain was just enough to get the street wet, but it's a taste of what's to come as summer goes on.

Most of the rain was to the north of the Valley.

A dust-storm warning was issued for Phoenix. At one point, visibility was down to just a mile. Wind gusts of up to 49 mph were reported in the West Valley. Gusts were up to 42 mph in the East Valley.

A severe thunderstorm warning was put into effect for Maricopa, La Paz and Yuma counties until midnight.

A chance of evening showers will stay in the forecast for the Fourth of July and though at least the first part of the work week.