Former ASU receiver Kerry Taylor blasts head coach

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PHOENIX - Personal and professional conflicts between a coach and player are common in sports. There isn’t a locker room in the world that doesn’t have its fair share, but what is not common are serious internal issues being aired publicly.

Kerry Taylor played four years at Arizona State University under head coach Dennis Erickson.

Perhaps unprecedented, 3TV has the case of a successful college player turning on the very head coach he went to battle for during his entire career.

Taylor knows firsthand what’s happened to the football program over the past three seasons and he passionately believes Coach Erickson is not the right man for the job.

Taylor said he wants ASU to win Pac-12 football championships and for that to happen he said a coaching change has to be made.

3TV reached out to Erickson multiple times this past week for comment. The coach declined all opportunities.

Taylor sat down with 3TV Sports and opened up about his experience under Coach Erickson and why he would tell any high school football player not to attend ASU under its current football regime.

The former wide receiver claims the ASU football program is being mismanaged by Coach Erickson.  Taylor cites nepotism, apathy and the treatment of players as examples of why Erickson is not the right man for the job.

Taylor said for ASU to complete for Pac-12 championships, a head coaching change has to be made.

Taylor led the Sun Devils with 54 receptions for 699 yards and three touchdowns last year during his senior season.  He was honorable mention all-conference, but wasn’t drafted in the NFL Draft.