Ice a hot commodity at Arpaio's Tent City

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PHOENIX -- Even a small cup of ice is a little bit of luxury in this record-breaking heat. It's something inmates at Tent City were able to enjoy -- before the reprieve melted away.

Temperatures read as high as 145 degrees.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his inmates can handle it.

"You have people who put in roofs; you have people working today in the hot weather, my officers," he said.

Inmates say they've got their own ways of trying to keep cool, like wearing a wet towel around their necks or dousing their blankets with water so the fans inside the tents act like swamp coolers.

Meanwhile the heat proved dangerous for a number of hikers.

Two women set out for a morning hike at Quartz Ridge Trail in Pietewa Peak Park near 32nd Street and Lincoln Drive. Soon one of them started suffering from heat sickness.

"They drank a bottle of water before they started and took one small bottle with them, which was not enough," said Capt. Scott Walker with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Temperatures neared 110 degrees at noon and rescuers were called for help.

The patient was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Walker advises that residents do not work in the heat, or recreate outside if they don't have to.