Brock divorce could become a nasty battle

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PHOENIX – Susan Brock is in prison and Fulton Brock's political future is uncertain. What is certain is the Brocks are getting a divorce and it could be a nasty battle.

Initially Fulton Brock believed the divorce would be settled out of court but all that changed on May 2 when Susan quit cooperating.

Now, according to court records, Fulton believes his divorce is heading for a trial and one of the big reasons why is the money Susan allegedly spent on her teenaged victim.

When Susan was sentenced to 13 years behind bars for molesting a boy over the course of three years starting when he was 14 years old, she simply said, “I'm so sorry. I will make this up to everyone I offended some way somehow.”

According to court records, that could cost Susan a fortune. The divorce filing shows Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock continues to uncover lines of credit and large debts his wife incurred by giving cash and extravagant gifts to the teenager she molested including iPods and iPhones, an XBOX 360 and games, t-shirts, jeans, underwear, several rifles, a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun and a paintball gun. Prosecutors say she also gave him cash several times.

“Her goal was to take a little boy and model him into her lover,” the prosecution told the jury during trial.

Fulton is alleging "marital waste," referring to tens of thousands of dollars Susan Brock spent on the chandler victim including $4,000 to Kay jewelers, $10,000 on a line of credit obtained without Fulton’s knowledge, $5,000 in credit card debt, $52,000 depleted from her retirement account and $40,000 on criminal defense attorney fees.

This does not include the restitution Susan is obligated to pay.

According to the court records, Fulton believes his "wife should be solely responsible” for the debt, the restitution, civil claims and criminal defense all a result of her criminal behavior.

The Brocks have three vehicles, two homes with no equity, one under foreclosure, and a California timeshare. Fulton wants them all in the divorce.

Brock filed for divorce November 9 shortly after his wife's October arrest on child abuse charges. He is seeking sole custody of their one daughter who is still a minor.

A hearing on the issue is set for September.