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Jack Russell Terrier Rescue



AAA "Tipsy Tow" Service

Sunday, July 3, 6 p.m. through Monday, July 4, 6 a.m.

Tipsy Tow is a free one-way ride tow home, up to 10 miles, for drivers, and one of their passengers, who have been drinking.

1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357)



Fourth of July Celebrations
Brittney Shipp was live at the Scottsdale Fairmount Princess located at 7575 East Princess Drive in Scottsdale.  For more information go to

Community Corner: Lily B Cosmetics
For more information on Lily B Cosmetics, go to

Macayo's Salsa
For more information and locations of Macayo's Restarurant go to

Dr. Art Mollen
For more information about the health topics Dr. Art Mollen spoke about, call (602)264-9806

Wally's Weekly Car Review
For more on Wally Cahill:

Watermelon Salad & Margaritas
Los Sombreros is located at 2534 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale.  For more information call 480-994-1799 or go to

Sandia Salad

3 cups fresh watermelon
1/3 cup slice jicama
¼ cup of sliced cucumber
¼ diced red bell pepper
¼ cup diced panela cheese
1 tbsp. chopped cilantro

Honey lime dressing:
1 cup olive oil
1/3 cup lemon juice
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. oregano
½ cup of honey
2 tsp. vinegar

Blend salad ingredients together and then add dressing. 

Watermelon Margarita
2 oz. Azul Blanco tequila
¾ oz. triple sec
1 cup (5.5 oz) fresh frozen watermelon
1 oz. fresh lime juice
2 oz sweet and sour
Several ice cubes

Mix in a blender.

Coupon Sense
Mindy Villone, Coupon Sense Representative, gave a special offer for viewers who use the promo code "Mindy" at  You can also contact Mindy by emailing

Sunday's Sweetheart
If you'd like to add Sunday's Sweetheart or any other pet to your family, contact The Arizona Humane Society at (602) 997-7585. For more information about AHS events and programs, visit

Upscale your BBQ
Ocean Prime Restaurant is located in CityCenter of CityNorth at 5455 E. High Street in Phoenix.  For more information call 480.347.1313 or go to