Nursing student says her career may be injured

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PHOENIX - A Valley woman says her recent job offer could be in jeapordy because her school delayed some important paperowork.

Corrie Hughes likes to help people, so she thought a job in the nursing field would be the perfect career.

"I signed up for a certified nursing assistant class through Nelson Academy in Sun City," Corrie said.

Corrie paid The Nelson Academy $1,300 for something called the "all-inclusive package," which includes filling out paperwork for a state license, scheduling test dates with the state and getting fingerprint clearance.

For $1,300, Corrie said having someone navigate through all of this was well worth the fee.

"That hard earned money, I had to pay for this package," Corrie said. "Assuming that I was going to, very shortly, get into a position where I could financially support my family."

The good news is Corrie earned her nursing assistant certificate and landed a job offer from a hospital.
"It's very unheard of to get a CNA job without experience right out of school," Corrie explained. "And I was offered that position."

All the hospital needed was her fingerprint clearance and other state-approved documents she paid $1,300 for the school to prepare and send in to the state board but Corrie says the Nelson Academy didn't hold up to their end of the deal.

"They hadn't fulfilled their part of mailing in or faxing in the application to the agency that does the test," Corrie said. "They didn't ever send the fingerprints."

Corrie said she wound up doing everything herself and feels the Nelson Academy didn't do everything she paid them to do. "My application, my fingerprint card, all my copies of my important, personal identitiy information were nowhere," Corrie said.

One of the listed co-owners for the Nelson Academy didn't want to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera. Instead, the academy sent a statement saying: "The printing of the applications, helping the students fill them out and mailing off the proper attachments is a courtesy of the Nelson Academy, not a requirement."

The Nelson Academy claims they did everything they were paid to do but Corrie says that's not true, and because the process has been delayed, she hopes her job offer is not in jeapordy.

"They can't expedite this process. I have to wait another four to six weeks now for the fingerprint clearance," Corrie said. "Which could mean that I could lose this job that's been holding for me since the beginning of March."