Tucson headlines: Police search for chase suspect; Homemade bombs found in nieghborhood

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tucson police are on the lookout for a man who led them on a high speed chase after a home invasion and assault.

They got the call to a domestic violence incident near Country Club Road and Benson Highway.

When they got there, he took off in a car leading police on an 11 minute chase. When they found the vehicle on the east side, it had a suspicious device in it that called for the help of bomb technicians.

Police know who they are looking for but are not releasing his name. They say they've received three other calls this week of the same suspect assaulting or threatening the same person.

And homemade chemical bombs were found in an Oro Valley neighborhood Wednesday.

It happened in a residential area near Tangerine and Rancho Vistoso Boulevard. Police say three boys made a few "works bombs" out of soda bottles and chemicals.

They threw one at a man's house Tuesday and he heard it blow up but didn't find it until Wednesday.

Firefighters say these bombs are more serious than people know.

"A lot of times kids are getting on the Internet, finding out ways to make these things, and sometimes that has led to their own demise. They've actually died putting these things together," said Will Seeley from the Golder Ranch Fire District.

Firefighters found two more of the explosives, which had not blown up. Nobody was hurt.

One boy was charged with a felony and misdemeanor.  The other two boys weren't charged.  All three have been released to their parent. 

No word on why they did it.