My Life as a Weather Intern: Wednesday, June 29

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PHOENIX - Wednesday at Channel 3 I started my day by updating a few of the weather maps and graphics before Meteorologist Brittney Shipp arrived.

Brittney checked over the 7-day forecast and its sure exciting to see that there is finally some moisture headed our way!

Temperatures are going to be HOT this week; Wednesday hit a high of 112 degrees and temperatures are going to be reaching 114 mid-week.

Already some portions of our state have seen some showers and isolated thunderstorms and we may see some of that here in Phoenix for our Fourth of July weekend starting Sunday.

Once I was done with the usual graphics for the show I put together the jet stream graphic; that shows the area of low pressure to the north of the Valley that’s pulling all that moisture our way.

When the show started I got to sit in the studio and watch the Good Evening, Arizona broadcast. I’ll be in again Thursday afternoon with Meteorologist Brittney Shipp.