Tucson murder suspect arrested in Spokane, confesses to interviewer

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Last week, Tucson police were alerted to a suspicious death on the west side.

It quickly became a murder case and the accused killer turned up in Spokane, Washington.

Suspect Jonathan Baumbach was arrested over the weekend in Spokane It took him more than two days to get there after leaving Tucson.

"Actually I was in the back of the pick-up with my fiancée.  We were sleeping because we wanted to visit hoopfest," said Baumbach.

That truck belonged to Robert Pardee, which Tucson police reported stolen last week after finding his body in his townhouse. Baumbach and pardee met online and had a relationship.

"He let me live at his house as long as I cleaned up he would give me all the drugs I want.  He would, at first, sexually do stuff, until I met my fiancée and then that all changed," said Baumbach.

Baumbach says he caught Pardee and his fiancée Jorge Diaz in the shower together.

"That was like the last straw cause my fiancée is my best friend, my soulmate, my everything and he violated me one too many times," said Baumbach.

The next day, which may have been June 9, Baumbach says he was fed up. He sat Pardee in a chair.

"I hit him over the head a couple of times and I thought he was dead so I went back to get my fiancée and told him we are going on a vacation," said Baumbach.

According to Baumbach, ten minutes later he when back to the home and Pardee wasn't in the chair, he was in the bathroom.

"And the reason why that I hit him over the head a couple more times is because I didn't want him to suffer, nobody should suffer like that," said Baumbach.

Also in the jail interview with our sister station in Spokane, Baumbach said, he was sorry to Pardee's family and couldn't face prison time because he would kill himself.

Tucson police, in a statement released Monday, said they have two detectives in Spokane that plan to conduct their own investigation.