Healthy is the new sexy and fiber is the key

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PHOENIX – Healthy is the new sexy, says Dr. Lisa Masterson of the popular health show “The Doctors,” and it’s particularly true for women.

“I want women to take charge of their health because that’s going to help them take charge of their sexy,” Masterson said. “You can tell, when a person is felling healthy and good in their skin, they’re also feeling sexy.”

Masterson said it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables. Not only do fruits and veggies contain important antioxidants and vitamins, they also contain fiber.

If you can’t get the recommended five to six servings of fruits and vegetables each day, Masterson said it might be time to consider a fiber supplement.

She recommends psyllium fiber because it’s not only clears waste and toxins, it’s also heart healthy.

“It’s a gel that traps the cholesterol so it actually decreases your cholesterol. That’s how it’s heart-healthy,” Masterson explained. “Fiber is the new sexy supplement for the summer. Don’t you forget it.”

Masterson, said what you put in your body determines how you look on the outside. In addition to eating right, exercise is important to looking and feeling great.

“You’ve got to keep that blood flowing,” she said.

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