Forecast: Hot, a little less hot, extremely hot

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PHOENIX -- Another  Excessive Heat Warning is in effect today. In fact this one won't be lifted until tonight at 8 p.m.

Our forecast high is 110 degrees.

To lend some perspective on this and offer a little relief, we actually do need these exrtemely hot temperatures to get our monsoonal flow really cranking. This helps to stir things up in the atmosphere, especially when cooler moist air travels out of the east and hits the dry air mass hanging out over the Valley. As a result we oftentimes get thunderstorms and some much-needed rain. 

Our chances of Valley rain today are slim, but don't be surprised if you see areas of blowing dust later this afternoon here in Phoenix.

Thursday's high is 109. 

Be mindful of Saturday's forcast though. Right now we're looking at the possibility of 116 degrees.

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