La Potence and Tartar sauce

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Tartar sauce ingredients:
4.oz Dijon mustard
3 eggs yolks
3 cups canola oil
salt/ pepper
1.oz cornichons
3/4 oz capers
1.oz parsley
2.oz onions
Mix the Dijon mustard with eggs yolks then pour slowly the canola oil while you mix. add
salt and pepper then you have your home made mayo.
Chop the cornichons, parsley, capers and onions very thinly then add them to the mayo
and mix.
the tartar sauce is ready.

La potence:
16.oz beef tenderloin
salt, pepper, garlic powder
2.oz butter
3.oz Kentucky whiskey.
Dice the tenderloin in 1.oz cubes. sear the beef on each sides till golden brown. Add the
butter to the pan then pour everything in a mixing bowl. Add salt, pepper and garlic
powder and mix.
Skewered the beef on the 500 degrees hot medieval masse then flambé the whole
masse with the whiskey at table side.
we serve the La Potance with 5 different kinds of sauce:
-Grained mustard
-Beurre maitre d'hotel( salted butter, mixed with chopped garlic and Parsley