Insurance company finally agrees to pay Valley man

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PHOENIX - Greg Smalls has fond memories of his mom before she died last year, especially when he looks at photos of her.  

"This is one of the best pictures she's ever taken in my mind," Greg said as he gazed at family photo albums.

However, before her death, Greg placed his mother in an adult care facility so she could have around the clock attention, a decision he doesn't regret.

"They always looked after her, I mean, they really did," he said.

Greg's mom had purchased insurance years earlier in case she ever needed assisted living care.

Although she paid $53.00 a month for seven years to a company called Bankers Life and Casualty, Greg was unable to find the insurance papers when he moved her into the care facility.

So, Greg and his mom paid the facility out of their own pockets.

"So, we'll do this with her retirement and social security and then I bumped in about an extra $500 to $600 a month because we still had to buy her medication."

This went on for nearly six months until Greg's mom passed away.    

Following her death, Greg and his family were thrilled when they finally came across those insurance documents that they couldn't find earlier.

"Bingo! You know what I'm saying?  We can get our money back you know?  That's what we were worried about because we were strapped for those five or six months."

Bankers Life and Casualty reviewed the paperwork Greg submitted, but they denied the claim, saying his mother's policy didn't cover the care facility she resided in.

Greg didn't understand because he believed the policy should cover the expenses when he read the policy over and over.

Greg asked Bankers Life and Casualty to review the matter again, but they came to the same conclusion.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and asked Bankers to review the case and when they did, they realized they made a mistake and that the policy should cover the adult care facility which means the policy will in fact reimburse Greg for the expenses incurred by his mother and him.