More campaign signs may appear around Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Residents in the City of Tucson could see more political signs around neighborhoods and businesses when it gets close to the November elections.

In April of this year Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed House Bill 2500 into law.

This would make rules for political signs more lenient than current city code. For the City of Tucson that means some changes will be made.

"Our code doesn't allow political signs the election signs that you always see to be placed in the city's right of way, right of the street in the sidewalk area," said Michael Rankin with the City of Tucson.

Before these provisions the city would be able to take down the sign because it violated the city code.

The city council will be hearing about those adjustments Tuesday.

"The council wants to know what impact it has on our ability to enforce our code regulations about political signs being placed in the city's right of way," said Rankin.

Jeff Rodgers the head of the Pima County Democrats believes the new rules aren't right.

"The state's trying to tell city's what, city's and towns what to do, and I'm against that.  People of Tucson, people of Oro Valley, people of Marana should be able to choose how they regulate signs themselves," said Rodgers.

Brian Miller head of the Pima County GOP feels that the law is trying keep every city and county on the same page when it come to election signs.

"There's trying to be a standardization across the state and it looks like it will probably accomplish that and I guess we'll see come this first election cycle in Tucson," said Miller.

One thing you will see for sure is more signs come election time.

"What it means is that probably going to see more political elections signs up to 32 square feet in size along the streets in the city limits," said Miller.

The Tucson City Council is expected to make the adjustments to the new law Tuesday.