MLB All-Star gear is here!

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PHOENIX -- Baseball fans can get their hands on All-Star 2011 gear and memorabilia today at Chase field! The shipment arrived on Monday, and merchandise for men, women, adults and children will be on shelves today.

There are collectibles specific to this year’s All-Star Game. There will be plenty of items bearing the 2011 All-Star Game logo available for fans at the home opener, and another round of merchandise is on its way in. The team shop at Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix will contain nearly 100 percent All-Star merchandise, including numbered jerseys, batting practice jerseys and fleeces.

As for tickets to the events happening during the All-Star festivities, with the exception of the actual All-Star Game, there are still a few seats still available for purchase.

When you are visiting Chase Field for the events, you mighty spot a live-events artist on the plaza. David Wilhelmsen paints events live as they happen and has exhibited at numerous local galleries including the ASU Kerr Cultural Center last year.

Wilhelmsen says spectators and baseball can purchase his paintings after he’s finished with them on the spot. He also paints during private events.

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