Behind the scenes with Tara Hitchcock

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Tara’s Shoot

I have worked with Tara since the day she walked in the door.  Over the years I have had the privilege of producing most of Good Morning Arizona’s most memorable image promos.  Water park shenanigans?  Yep, that was me.  Pajama rap party?  Guilty!  Bowling bash?  Me, again.  Whack-a-Mole/Anchors? Heck, yeah!  And proud of it! But after all these years and hours of shooting, this was the promo that got me the closest to ‘knowing’ Tara!

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First of all you need to know that what you see is what you get with Tara.  She is not different once she’s away from the studio lights.  She is fun, high energy and usually going in a million directions at once!  To make the shoot a little easier for all of us, she graciously let us shoot at her house. But as you know, Tara has a family, so to protect their privacy, I only took a few pictures behind the scenes. 

But here’s a juicy little bit of behind the scenes scoop for you:  the yard sale we shot was not at Tara’s!  Now it’s true, she does like to have yard sales and people are always surprised to find they are shopping at her sale but she usually has them with her girlfriend and they do them at her friend’s house.  Our shoot took place the same weekend as her step daughter was graduating from ASU.  That made it pretty impossible for Tara to have a sale so we asked The Garage Sale Gal, Lynda Hammond to help us out.  She turned us on to Katie Marion. Thank you Katie for graciously letting us use your sale!

Now here’s the real scoop on that shoot:  the gal buying the boat from Tara is one of her sisters!  And in the shot where she is showing off the boat she bought, the gal she is showing it off to is one of Tara’s other sisters! They were in town for the graduation and I told Tara to bring them along and we’d put them in the shoot.  Here’s more scoop for you:  Tara actually bought that boat/lamp that she pretended to sell! 

Fun Facts about Tara Hitchcock

Tara first came to Phoenix as part of a program for students who excel. She fell in love with Arizona immediately and thought that it was one of 3 places she hoped to live in one day!  The other top 2 places?  Dallas and Tampa.

Tara met her husband, Ken, while on a 3TV road trip from Telluride. 

Tara got married in October of 2004.

Tara has 3 sisters.  Melanie is 38 and the twins, Emily and Laura are 35.

Emily and Melanie are the sisters featured in the spot as yard sale shoppers!

Tara has 3 stepchildren.  They are stepdaughter Alex.  The soon to be 23 year old just graduated from ASU!  Stepson Dane just turned 21 and stepson Dylan is 15.

Tara has a ‘craft room’ for her scrap booking projects and more.

Tara loves to travel and has been to more than a dozen countries! 

Tara says she has no hidden talents but loves taking pictures.  The passion is a perfect match for her love of family and travel.

Tara loves using her knowledge of traveling to other countries to help others plan their trips.

Tara is very active in supporting various charities. She has a special place in her heart for Best Buddies, Childhelp and Celebrity Fight Night. She donates her time and home often.

Going to a garage sale?  Having your own yard sale?  Check out Lynda Hammond’s web site and save yourself time and money!

Best Buddies focuses on friendship and jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Here’s where you can find out how to help:

Childhelp was founded to help kids suffering from abuse or neglect.  Here’s where you can find out how to help:

Celebrity Fight Night raises money for a variety of charities but the primary beneficiary has been our own Barrow Neurological Institute.  It’s a night filled with celebrities and glamor.  Go here to find out more: