Is excessive heat to blame for man's death in Phoenix?

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PHOENIX – A body was found Monday evening near a Phoenix hospital and the extreme heat may have played a part in the man’s death.

Witnesses say the man was walking along the sidewalk near 40th Street and Bell Road when he collapsed. He was reportedly talking on his cell phone when he fell to the ground.

Police believe he was drinking. They found an empty beer can on the ground right next to him.

Firefighters say the combination of alcohol and the intense heat probably caused his death.

“People say, ‘I’ll drink alcohol because I’m thirsty, well, it dehydrates the body a lot quicker and the best cure for that is drink lots of water,” said Officer Randall Baltzer with the Phoenix Police Department.

Police say the man just happened to be walking by the Paradise Valley Hospital by coincidence. He was not trying to rush to the hospital for help.

The victim’s identity has not been released and his death remains under investigation.