Prop 2 causing a 'stink' with some neighbors

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PHOENIX - The signs plead: "Don't pass gas on neighborhoods, it stinks." They're part of one group's effort to stop a gas station from opening up in the middle of their neighborhood.

QuikTrip has been working to build a gas station and mini-mart at the corner of 44th street and Palm Lane for nearly a year a half but in order to do that, they need to get voter approval to rezone a 2.6-acre parcel of land there from residential to retail.

"QuikTrip is good, but not here in our corner," said Patricia Garcia, who lives across the street from the lot where the station is planned.

Garcia is a leader of the group Citizens Against Neighborhood Encroachment. Members say they fear the station would bring excessive traffic and attract loiterers.

Others nearby say they look forward to having the station and store close to home. "I'm totally for QuikTrip," said Vincent Ambrosio, who lives across the street from the lot in question.

A spokesman for QuikTrip accused Chevron of being behind the effort to defeat the rezoning. Chevron operates a gas station a block away from the planned QuikTrip site.

QT spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said Chevron was trying to thwart competition.

Chevron has helped fund the "Prop 2 Stinks" effort but concerned neighbors say that has nothing to do with why they're voicing concerns.

Prop 2 is up for a vote in the August 30 city of Phoenix election.