Big changes for Tucson's Big building downtown

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Big changes are coming to the Big building in downtown Tucson.

The "Big Brothers Big Sisters" building at the corner of 6th Avenue and Almeda Street is undergoing a major renovation.

"It's long overdue and it's time for us to take ourselves into the future in the next century," said   Danielle LeCompte from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The program has operated out of the buiding for 17 years.  But now the buiding's getting a makeover.

"We need to have a welcoming facility that these families can come to, one that they feel comfortable bringing their children into," said LeCompte.

The first major change, a mural painted by volunteer artist Joe Pagac.

"Anything that helps people realize they're still here.  And in need for bigs to help out littles.  Is great for the community," said Pagac.

Since Big Brothers Big Sisters Tucson formed nearly 50 years ago. It has helped change the lives of more than 10,000 children.

"When my mom and I are at home and we start fighting I have someone to go to and I have someone to look up to," said 9-year-old Darius Whaley.

Now these children will have a more colorful community center to turn to.

"It's great to help out kids who are kind of in need of someone to mentor them and take them out," said Pagac.

The colors on the wall and renovations are just part of a bigger picture, one that's helping Tucson children find their way.

"It's just really nice getting to know someone a little bit better and having fun," said Big Sis Karina Lopez.

"I learned about having fun with new people," said Little Sis Darian Bracamonte.

Other upcoming renovations to the building include replacing the floors and creating a more welcoming atmosphere.