Verizon Wireless bills Phoenix man $233K for cell phone service

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PHOENIX – Randy Posusta runs a small carpet and tile cleaning business.

Like any business, you can imagine how important it is to have a cell phone. "I have to have my phone, it's my life source with my customers," Randy says.

While Randy was cleaning recently, he got a call not from customer, but from Verizon Wireless, his cell phone provider. What Verizon told Randy almost made him faint."I think we need to bring it to your attention that, uh, your bill is terribly high. To the tune of $233,000," Randy says Verizon Wireless told him.

Randy told the Verizon representative that there must be a mistake and asked them to review his bill again.

Once they did, Verizon Wireless realized the error and happily adjusted Randy's bill.

"They lowered it to $122, 000," Randy tells 3 On Your Side.

Randy thought it was a joke. Verizon Wireless still wanted him to pay $122,000 for his cell phone bill that has unlimited calling and texting.

Randy says just looking at the new balance made him angry and worried, especially since he says Verizon Wireless tried, unsuccessfully, to extract the money from a credit card he has on file with them.

Randy says he kept contacting Verizon to correct the bill but it never was. "I kept getting transferred from person to person and finally and they said, 'Well, we'll get to the bottom of it and it will be straightened out’.”

But instead of getting straightened out, Verizon Wireless shut off Randy's phone and that wasn't good for business.
"Now my phone service is interrupted in the middle of the day, in the middle of a job, and I need my service and I need it now.”

Randy's phone was eventually turned back on but for nearly a month Verizon Wireless kept hounding him to pay that $120,000 bill.

3 On Your Side got involved and they immediately looked into the matter and removed that astonishing balance. 
They also sent 3 On Your Side an email saying, "We did not meet our own standards for promptness in resolving this," and apologized.

Randy says he can now concentrate on cleaning tile and carpet, instead of spending his time fighting that bill. "I don't know what you did or what you said or anything, but you made it happen."

Verizon Wireless never did explain how a simple cell phone bill with an "unlimited" plan could turn into such an incredible amount. They also never talked about attempting to access the money through Randy's credit card. 

Regardless, they did adjust and correct the amount at my request.