Couple devotes entire room to hot-sauce collection

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- You might think you really like hot sauce, but chances are you've got nothing on one Glendale couple.

As Yetta Gibson explains, Vic Clinco and his wife, Wendy, have been collecting hot sauces for 14 years. They've traveled to the world to add to their collection, which is so big it has its own room in their Glendale home. Yes, the Clincos have a room devoted to hot sauce.

The Clincos have more than 3,200 bottles of hot sauce in their collection, all of them unopened. Clinco said although he has hot sauce with practically every meal, they never used sauce from their collection.

It all started with a gift from Wendy to Clinco, a self-proclaimed "chili head through and through," their first Christmas together. She gave him 12 bottles of hot sauce. He still has them.

Clinco said he and Wendy love finding unique bottles and add an average of 10 to 12 sauces to their collection each month. They're actually planning a trip to New Orleans to find some new sauces.

The collection started with a single shelf and grew from there. With one room already devoted to the couple's collection, Clinco said he's talking his wife into starting a second room.

"I am so proud of where we've gotten so far and there is no stopping us now!" he said in an email to 3TV. "It's Global Domination of the Hot Sauce Industry for me! I want it ALL!"

One look at their hot-sauce room is all it takes to know that the Clincos are well on their way to that goal.