4 Tips for flying with babies

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PHOENIX -- Traveling, particularly flying, with babies or young children can be a challenge. Just ask any parent who has done it.

According to child-development specialist and parenting coach Deann Davies, preparation ahead of time is often the key to a smooth experience for everyone.

"Many parents tell me that when they take their first trip with their infant, they get very anxious," Davies said. "They wonder about how the baby will do, but the bigger worry is what other passengers will say, what kinds of looks will they receive if the baby does fuss or cry.

"We need to remember that it's natural for babies to cry, especially when they're distressed."

One thing that helps quite a bit is to keep the little ones entertained and engaged as much as possible. A stock of small toys and interactive books is a must. For toddlers who are driven to walk and run, walk them around the plane when you can.

While passengers with small children are allowed to board most planes first, Davies suggests sending somebody ahead to get your seats so the kids don't get restless because they're confined during the often-lengthy boarding process.

Davies said there are four main things you need to do to try and make your family's experiences a good one.

1. Get to the airport in plenty of time and bring what you need.

2. Get into the right mindset.

3. Stay calm.

4. Feed during ascent and descent. That often helps with ear pressure problems.

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