My life as a Weather Intern: Weekend of June 25

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PHOENIX – I started bright and early at Channel 3 on Saturday. I arrived at 6:20 a.m. to meet with Meteorologist Brittney Shipp before she headed out to her live shot where she was celebrating Scottsdale’s 60th birthday! 

I began updating the seven-day forecast and a few of Brittney’s other weather graphics. 

Temperatures are heating up in Phoenix as we are expected to hit 110 degrees Saturday at Sky Harbor and we are going to see temperatures rise even further into early next week. There’s still no sign of monsoon weather headed our way. 

After I finished with the graphics I was sent out on my first real errand: to get a few hearing aid batteries for one of the producers. 

Once I got back to the newsroom I worked on the teleprompter for the remainder of the show. 

I had another early day at Channel 3. When I arrived Sunday morning Meteorologist April Warnecke had already finished up with all the graphics and was about to head out to her live at a local YMCA but I got to meet her before she left. 

Her seven-day forecast is looking pretty warm with temperatures heating up into next week. You can expect a high of 114 degrees on Tuesday. Things will cool down a bit into next weekend with temperatures around 110. 

Before the show started I printed the scripts for the first hour of Good Morning, Arizona. I’ve never printed scripts before and I forgot to collate them so I had to sort the stories into two piles for the anchors before I could deliver them! I’ll remember next time. 

Once the show began I got on the teleprompter and ran that for the rest of the show. 

Chef Dad was in Sunday with a crock-pot pulled pork recipe. It smelled amazing so I was more than happy to sample the food after the show. I’ll be in again on Wednesday afternoon with more updates.