My Life as a Weather Intern: Friday, June 24

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PHOENIX – Friday at Channel 3 I got in a little later again so I could practice my weather broadcasts again.

I started out by finishing up the graphics and map updates for Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman’s weather broadcasts; things are looking hot around the state Friday and into next week.

We had a high of 110 at Sky Harbor and we can expect to see temperatures approaching 113 degrees by Wednesday. We will cool down slightly into late next week but stay right around that 110 degree mark with sunny skies.

Once “Good Evening, Arizona” started I headed into the “BIG” studio to watch the broadcast and stuck around afterwards to practice.

This time I got to wear a microphone and record it so I could see how I was doing and play it back and Royal could give me some pointers.

I think I did pretty well for my second day and I will definitely be fitting in more practice sessions!

I had another great day at Channel 3 and I’ll be back in early Saturday morning with Meteorologist Brittney Shipp.