Arizona wildfires

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Successful burnout operations and good weather conditions, Thursday helped firefighters gain the upper hand on the Monument Fire near Sierra Vista.

At last check the fire covered just over 28,000 acres with 59% containment reported.

More than 1300 firefighters on the lines backed by eight helicopters and four air tankers.

Still the flames have destroyed 57 homes, a five-unit apartment building and five businesses.

More than 300 homes are still in harm's way.

Even as hundred evacuees from the Monument Fire return home, many more remain stuck in shelters.

To help out, the World Care relief agency delivered much-needed supplies.

Volunteers at World Care were working hard thursday. The group was getting boxes together for a truck headed to Sierra Vista. From hygiene products to pet supplies.

"This is all extremely important to make sure that that they get the things they need, and make sure they get during the time they need it," said World Care CEO Lisa Hopper.

It took an hour to pack the truck and it was off to help the victims of the Monument Fire.

An hour and a half later the truck was pulling up to the Sierra Vista public works department. But it all started with a phone call.

"I just received a call from World Care out of Tucson, they didn't ask what, they just said they're sending supplies down to us," Richard Cayer with the City of Sierra Vista.

Richard Cayer is the operations manager for the city and was pretty shocked by what was coming his way.

"I was just overwhelmed by with the fact that even up in Tucson people were trying to help us down in Sierra Vista with the immediate needs that we have," said Cayer.

The town plans to get the supplies out to the people as fast as they can.

"We still have a shelter, an evacuation shelter setup at the high school.  If there are supplies that are in demand up there, we will get them to them right away and they will all end up to the destination they were intended," said Cayer.

It will not be the last truck that the residents in and around Sierra Vista will see.

"There will be more trucks.  We will take the advice from what's going on down there, we don't want to overload them with too many resources then it becomes a problem down there," said

And containment on the human-caused horseshoe two wildfire near Portal is holding steady at 95%.

It's charred 223,000 acres of the Coronado National Forest since May 8.

Nine homes and 14 outbuildings also have burned. Crews expect to have full containment on saturday.

And the largest wildfire ever recorded in arizona, the Wallow Fire, in eastern Arizona now covers 532,000 acres with 61% containment reported.

Evacuations remain in effect in areas north of the Blue River.

It's destroyed 32 homes and four rental cabins since May 29 when someone left a campfire unattended.

Also a new brush fire popped up Thursday in the White Mountains.  The Wash Fire northeast of Heber-Overgaard already burned through power lines and about four hundred acres.

Meanwhile, fire crews expect full containment soon on the 200-plus acre Willow Fire near Bear Canyon Lake.

And the El Camino fire continues to blacken portions of the Coronado National Forest near Sasabe. It's 90% contained.