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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Margaret Higgins, Ph.D., Executive Director,, The Haven, a residential treatment program specifically for women recovering from substance abuse disorder.  

Higgins says that’s one of the things that distinguishes this program:  it treats alcohol and substance abuse as a disorder, something physical.  She says the program also allows women and their children to stay there when necessary.  She says women often have unique issues that can best be dealt with in a group just for women.  She says in an all-female environment there is less internal and external interference to the client’s recovery.  

Higgins says the typical length of stay is 90 days.  She says the program is based on the 12 Steps abstinence model along with cognitive behavioral change.  She says treatment includes alcohol and drug education, individual and group psychotherapy, family education, anger management parenting skills training and assertiveness training.  She says no appropriate client is refused service.  

Higgins says many clients return to school and otherwise upgrade job skills.  She says many seek jobs in new fields that promote self-esteem and sobriety.  She says clients right now are trending younger, with many in their early twenties.  She adds a new program specifically for men is opening, utilizing much of the same treatment philosophy.