Phoenix couple 'hot' for air conditioning refund

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix couple said they're having a difficult time getting a refund from a local air conditioning company.

The air conditioning is fine. They're happy with that but it's the extended service contract they bought that they're having problems with.

After being in their home for a decade, Pete and Marilyn Cook say maintaining their house and keeping things in working order is important.

"About three years ago we needed a new air conditioner," Pete said. "So we got one from this company that had been providing us with occasional service, Bob Brown Air Conditioning."

The Cooks said they paid Bob Brown Service Experts for the unit and even purchased some additional protection in case the air conditioning system ever broke down.

"Along with the air conditioner, they sold us a 10-year service contract for $974," Pete said.

It was a service contract that could be canceled at any time with any unused portion pro-rated and refunded, which was good news for the Cooks.

"After I lost my job in January of '10, just a little over a year ago, we decided we'd rather have the refund rather than the contract," Pete said.

After several calls to Bob Brown Service Experts and even after filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Pete said he couldn't get his pro-rated refund.

It's been just about a year and a half now and it's as if nothing had ever been done.

3 On Your Side contacted Bob Brown Service Experts who immediately looked into the matter and apologized for what they say was an oversight.

Within just a few days, a representative from Bob Brown Service Experts personally delivered Pete's check for the amount of $450.

The Cook's say they're thrilled. They finally have their refund; money they say they can really use right now.

"Nothing happened until you guys, 3 On Your Side, got involved," Pete said.  "So thank you very much for that, we greatly appreciate the work you do…keeping customers happy when companies won't."