Heat danger rises along with Tucson temperature

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Wednesday was a blazing hot day and that has area fire departments spreading the word about the danger of the heat.

Fire department officials wish more people would protect themselves during the hot summer months.

"Our behaviors need to change. Our summer time thinking really needs to happen if it hasn't already," said Northwest Fire District Captain Adam Goldberg.

Firefighters are telling folks to avoid going outside.  If you have to run errands or have to be outside, try to get them done early in the morning to avoid exposure to the heat as the day goes on.  And drink plenty of water.

Sunscreen and hats are also advised.

"Once that dehydration sets in a number of systems in our body are affected," said Capt. Goldberg.

Signs of heat exhaustion include nausea and dizziness, along with pale, clammy skin better known as cold sweats.